IAS OpenHealth.fr : Real-time epidemiological tracking using medication sales

The onset of new diseases -or the spread of diseases – is often accompanied by atypical variations in the need and demand for medicines, and therefore the dispensing of these medicines. By analyzing sales of medicines in pharmacies, the IAS® (Advanced Health Indicators) model the evolution of health status of populations. They are published in near real-time.

During this project our task was to define the epidemiological indicators, to validate them in collaboration with experts, to develop original algorithms for spatial representation and to design an application for real-time production (D + 1) of these spatialized indicators.

Cartogramme IAS

Longitudinal Medicinal Observatory

The Longitudinal Medicinal Observatory is a complete infrastructure for the realization of passive cohort studies in pharmacoepidemiology. It consists of more than 2,900 pharmacies, representative of the French pharmacies, and over 16 million patients. Data is available at D + 1.

During this project our task was to qualify the source database, which includes tables over a billion lines to make and publish the pilot studies and to develop a modular application to automate part or all of the analyzes.