Project management

Project management should combine global vision and concentration on short-term goals. We believe that the short-term goals should be achievable in sprints from one week to 15 days. A meeting of the project team at the end of each sprint is used to analyze the results and to set the goals of the next sprint.

This method enables progressing with flexibility and responsiveness.

Rigor and transparency: traceability and scripts

Ekipaj is not a black box. Our traceability process allows us to know what was done, when it was done and why it was done. Thus, any study comes with its documented computer code. This code allows to re-run the analysis and to appraise the methodology.

Scalability: from script to application

Different studies on the same database generally have much in common. Cleverly structured developments are a major source of productivity gains, study after study.

Ekipaj implements a continuous development process that results in a progressive and continuous structuring of the code. During the life cycle of a project, the code gradually evolves from a single script to a structured application. This erases the boundaries between an exploratory study and the implementation of an automated real-time analysis.


A successful project is one that is handled by the customer and continues his life. The handover strategy must be anticipated. We believe that assisted and supervised programming is an efficient approach to developing talent.


Ekipaj relies on R, a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R has become a reference in the world of data analysis, and it can integrate upstream and downstream in information systems. We also use QGIS, a free Software Geographical Information System.

 R  QGis